Workflow engine upgrade

In Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud 5.6 or newer, the workflow engine uses Flowable instead of Activiti because of the lack of development and support for Activiti.

The upgrade has the following impact:

  • When you upgrade from version 5.5 or older to Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud 5.6 or newer, all workflows in your environment are redeployed for the new workflow engine. Running instances of workflows continue to use the old workflow engine until their completion, while new instances run with the new workflow engine.
  • The upgrade to Flowable ensures the out-of-the-box workflows remain functional.

    Test your custom workflows thoroughly, even if they seem to work as expected.

    Your workflows could show unexpected behavior, especially after upgrading from version 4.6.x.

  • When you reference the API v2 name space (, the workflow is validated against V2 methods and deprecated V1 methods trigger a method does not exist error when called.