CreateIssue delegate

The CreateIssue delegate creates a new data issue.

Field name Mandatory Description
requester Y The username of the requester creating the issue.
subject Y The signifier of the issue to create.
description N The description of the issue.
priority N The priority of the issue ('Blocking', 'Critical', 'Urgent', 'Normal', 'Minor')
relations N A CSV of related asset IDs to this issue.
classifications N A CSV of issue classifications.
responsibleCommunity N The responsible community for this issue, by default 'Data Governance Council' community.
resultVariableName N The name of the variable that the result will be set in, if not given the result will be set in the variable named "output"

The delegate is deprecated. Replace your service task containing this delegate with a script task, for example:

<scriptTask id="scripttask1" name="Create issue" scriptFormat="groovy" activiti:autoStoreVariables="false">
        import com.collibra.dgc.core.api.dto.instance.issue.RelatedAssetReference;
        import com.collibra.dgc.core.api.dto.instance.issue.AddIssueRequest;
        import com.collibra.dgc.core.api.dto.user.FindUsersRequest;
        def requesterId = userApi.getUserByUsername(requester).getId()
        def descriptionString = execution.getVariable("description")?.toString() ?: ""
        def communityId = responsibleCommunity
        def relatedAssets = execution.getVariable("relatedAssets") ?: []
        def relatedAssetsList = []
            relatedAssetId ->
            def relatedAssetRef = RelatedAssetReference.builder()
        def newIssueUuid = issueApi.addIssue(AddIssueRequest.builder()
        execution.setVariable("outputCreatedTermId", newIssueUuid))