Model keys

Model keys are unique identifiers for processes and forms in the Workflow Designer. The process key also identifies workflows in Collibra and must be unique in your environment.

If you change the process key of a workflow and deploy it again, it is considered as a completely new workflow and Collibra creates a different workflow definition for it.

If you deploy a workflow with the same key as the key or the process ID of an already existing one, a new version of the same workflow is created. All running workflow instances keep running with the old version. All workflows started after the deployment use the new version. The settings on the workflow definition remain the same and include any newly added configuration variables.

When you create new processes or forms, you must provide a key and one is automatically generated from the name of the model.

You can change the process key of a workflow:

  • In the workflow BPMN: <process id="approvalProcess" ...
  • In the Workflow Designer:
    1. Select your app.
    2. For the process model click Modify Properties.

      The Modify model details dialog box appears.

    3. Change the Model key.
    4. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.

Model keys cannot include special characters.