GetTerm and RemoveTerm delegate

The GetTerm and RemoveTerm delegate respectively gets and removes the term that can be uniquely identified by either its ID or vocabularyId and signifier. If the term ID is given, the rest of the parameters is not taken into account. Matched/removed term is returned with the output variable.

Field name Mandatory Description
termId N Id of the term.
vocabularyId N Id of the vocabulary that the term is in.
signifier N Signifier of the term.
resultVariableName N The name of the variable that the result will be set in, if not given the result will be set in the variable named "output".

The delegate is deprecated. Replace your service task containing this delegate with a script task, for example:

  • Get term:
    <scriptTask id="scripttask1" name="Get asset" scriptFormat="groovy" activiti:autoStoreVariables="false">
            import com.collibra.dgc.core.api.model.instance.Asset;
            Asset asset = assetApi.getAsset(givenAssetId);
            execution.setVariable("output", asset)
  • Remove term:
    <scriptTask id="scripttask1" name="Remove asset" scriptFormat="groovy" activiti:autoStoreVariables="false">