Workflow execution logic - logging

It is possible to add custom logging information to your workflow using an expression. This can be useful when you want to have more information about a certain step that is failing. Using the correct logging levels also allows you to only make the logging visible when needed in case of an error. To log a statement you can use the loggerComponent where you have four methods at your disposal, each of them logging on a different level:

  • debug(String)
  • info(String)
  • warn(String)
  • error(String)

A resulting expression would be something like ${"Going to the approval task")}. You can add expressions using a listener on every BPMN element using different events which provides you with enough flexibility to cover a whole workflow. Changing the loglevels to make the logged statements visible can be done in the logging.xml file in the config directory of your user home directory. The line that you should add to change the default INFO level to another one looks like <logger name="com.collibra.dgc.core.component.impl.LoggerComponentImpl" level="DEBUG" />.