The Link component allows you to display a relative or absolute URL in your form.

Attributes: General

Attribute Description
ID The unique ID of the component.
Description Adds a description to the component.
Ignored Determines if the component should be hidden and the value excluded from any payload.
Visible Determines whether the component is visible or hidden. You can also use this expression to only show or hide the component based on another component. For example, if this component is bound to a checkbox component, you can use this expression to show or hide this component based on the checkbox selection made by the user. This is enabled by default.

Attributes: Details

Attribute Description
Link text The text to display as the link.

You can also use expressions, for example Navigate to {{asset.text}}.

Navigation URL

The URL to navigate to:

  • An absolute URL, for example https://<your_collibra_url>/settings/workflows?tabbar=WorkflowsDefinitions.
  • A relative URL, for example /settings/workflows?tabbar=WorkflowsDefinitions.
  • A link to an email address, for example mailto:[email protected].

The link can also contain expressions, for example https://<your_collibra_url>/asset/{{asset.value}}.

Target Where to open the linked document:
  • _blank to open the link in a new window or tab.
  • _self to open the link in the same window.

To respect the user browser preferences, don't specify any value for this attribute.

Attributes: Validation

Attribute Description
Custom validations List of additional validations you can apply.

Attributes: Documentation

Attribute Description
Documentation Allows you to explain concepts of the component's use for future reference.