View running workflow instances

The workflows instances page displays details about running workflows that contain active user tasks. If the user task is part of a sub-process, you can see details about both the main process and the sub-process.

You cannot view running workflows that contain only script tasks or that do not contain any more user tasks.

You must have the Sysadmin global role or a global role that has at least the Workflow Administration global permission to access this page:

  1. On the main toolbar, click Products icon, and then click Cogwheel icon Settings.
    The Collibra settings page opens.
  2. In the Workflow icon Workflows section, click Instances.
    The overview of workflow instances appears.



Workflow The name of the running workflow.
Resource The resource the workflow is associated with.

Click the resource name to go to the resource page.

Task The name of the active user task.
Users The users the active task is assigned to.

Click the user name to go to the user profile page.

Start Date The start date of the process.
Error Possible error message if the workflow instance encountered an error.
Actions Button to delete the workflow instance.

You can filter by workflow or resource name and sort by starting date.