Form outcomes

You use form outcomes to complete a user task and allow the user to indicate the outcome, for example if a task is approved or rejected. Outcomes are displayed to the user as buttons in the task.

Outcome buttons are not available in subforms.

You can define one or more outcome buttons by selecting Outcomes in the attribute bar.

Field Description
Label The text of the button.
Value A value that is assigned to the outcome variable.

Use simple text to define values. Do not use variables for this field.

Visible (Expression) An expression that determines when the button becomes visible.
Enabled (Expression) An expression that determines when the button becomes enabled.

By default, a primary button becomes enabled when all the mandatory form fields are completed.

Navigation URL The URL where you are redirected after clicking the button.

You can use absolute or relative links and include variables, for example /search?q={{searchTerm}}.

Ignore payload Ignores the form data and any validation and just sends the outcome value.
Ignore validation Ignores the form validation and just sends the payload and outcome value.
Primary The button replaces the default Submit button.

You don't need to assign any value to a primary button if you just want to change the text of the button.

Outcome variables

Use the Outcome variable name to bind the value of a button to a process variable, for example {{myVariableName}}.