App editor

You can view and edit your app details from the app editor in the Workflow Designer.

The section at the top of the page contains useful information about the app, such as the namedescriptioncreator and the modification date of the app definition.

You can perform the following actions from the app editor:

Action Description
Export Download an app package which you can either deploy in your Collibra environment or import in the Workflow Designer.

Deploy the app to your Collibra environment.

The app is deployed to the environment you used to access the Workflow Designer. Once you click Deploy, the target environment is listed in the Ready to Deploy dialog box.

The more options menu allows you to:

  • Select theme - Choose the color and icon for the app.
  • Modify properties - Edit the name, description, key, and tags of the app.
  • Duplicate - Create a copy of the app with the option to include all of the models it contains.
  • Delete - Remove the app and optionally delete the models it contains.

The bottom part of the page contains a list of all models included in the selected app. You have the option to add a new model or edit the existing models by either clicking the pencil icon or by selecting the model. You will be redirected to the editor of the selected model, but you can return to the app editor by clicking the app name in the navigation bar.

When duplicating a form from the app editor by selecting Duplicate, the new form appears in the forms view page.