A delegate is a standalone class that executes some logic.

Most delegates belong to the deprecated Java Core API v1 and will not be available in the next major release. Use script tasks to replace the functionality of v1 delegates. See Alternatives to API v1 delegates for examples.

All API v1 delegates are available in the com.collibra.dgc.core.workflow.activiti.delegate Java Core API package.

API v2 delegates belong to the com.collibra.dgc.workflow.api.delegate Java Workflow API package.

A delegate is always configured using a service task. All delegates accept expressions for input parameters.

Example of a deprecated delegate

This example shows the use of the changeStatusDelegate delegate. The Result variable field is not used when using a delegate, but the Fields field is. It injects the provided values into the delegate which uses them to perform some action. The changeStatusDelegate delegate changes the state of the resource to the status with the given id, Under Review, in this example.

  • Field name: The name of the delegate field you want to inject a value to.
  • String value: The fixed string value to inject in the field.
  • Expression: An expression that is evaluated before the result is set as value in the field. For more information, see the expressions section.