Create start and end events

Events represent something that happens in the process. A start event is the trigger of the process and is depicted as a circle. The end event concludes a process and is depicted as a circle with a bold outline. Each workflow must only have one start event but there may be multiple end events.

When you create a new process, it already contains a start event.

To create start and end events:

  1. From the Start events section of the Shape repository, drag a Start event to the canvas.
  2. From the End events section of the Shape repository, drag an End event to the canvas.

The start and end events are now disconnected but for the workflow definition to be executable there must always be a connection between them. You create that connection as you add more elements to the workflow.

Start event initiator

The start event configuration adds by default a variable that identifies the user who starts the workflow if you need that user to perform any other task or to receive workflow notifications:

  • Initiator variable: initiator.
When you add user tasks to the workflow, they are automatically assigned to the initiator:
  • Candidate users: user(${initiator}).

Start event form variables

The start event form variables set values that are used throughout the workflow. You can change these variables from the worfklow definition page in Collibra Data Intelligence Platform. You can use these variables to identify the users that need to perform workflow tasks and to set customizable values that are used by this or another workflow, for example the Voting Sub-Process.

To add a start event form variable:

  1. On the canvas, select the start event.
  2. In the attribute bar, in the Details section, select the Form properties attribute.

    The Form properties dialog box appears.

  3. In the Form properties dialog box, click Add item.
  4. Enter the required information.

    Set the Readable property to false to prevent the user who starts the workflow from being prompted for input.

  5. Click OK to save the changes and close the dialog box.

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What's next

When you have added your start and end events, you can add your workflow elements.