API v2 in workflows

Collibra Data Intelligence Platform has two API versions, v1 and v2. Use API v2 methods as v1 is deprecated.

To validate your code against API v2 in workflows, you have to enter the following value as Namespace in the Process section of the workflow properties: http://www.collibra.com/apiv2.

The value for the API v2 namespace has to be exactly as mentioned above. It is not a reachable URL.

If you use the API v2 namespace:

  • You can no longer use API v1 calls in expressions and Groovy. These will be blocked and will result in failed workflows.
  • All form types are API v2 compatible.
  • The Java beans expose and use only UUIDs and API v2 objects.

You can find the API v2 delegates, listeners adn JavaBeans documentation in the API documentation of your environment. Go to
https://<your_dgc_environment_url>/docs/index.html and click Workflow beans.

The direct link to this documentation is

You can use the Collibra Command Line Interface to test your workflows for deprecated API v1 content and get a report with v2 alternatives.