Managing workflows in Collibra

A workflow in Collibra Data Intelligence Platform is used to automate processes. Collibra comes with many out-of-the-box workflows, and you can always add new ones.

When you decide how to configure your Collibra workflows, consider that the workflow events mechanism is not designed for mass import. Avoid triggering workflows as a result of an import operation because it has the potential of impacting the performance of your environment. If you must use workflows after importing large amounts of data, you should:

  • Configure all script tasks to run asynchronously to prevent slowing down the import.
  • Keep the number of start events to a minimum.
  • Restrict the scope of the workflow as much as possible.

Tab pages

The Workflows settings page of the Collibra settings is split in several tab pages:

Tab page



This tab page allows you to view and edit workflow definitions.


This tab page allows you to view and manage instances of running workflows.