Change the process model properties

The process model properties are essential as they reflect directly in Collibra:

  • Model key: This is the process ID and it must be unique at the Collibra environment level and in the Workflow Designer.

    Uploading a workflow with the same process ID as an existing workflow in Collibra replaces the existing workflow.

    Consider using reverse domain name notation for the process model key.

  • Model name: The name is displayed as the workflow name in Collibra.

    Collibra does not accept two workflows with the same display name.

  • Documentation: The contents of the field are only reflected in the Workflow Designer. To change the workflow description that is displayed in Collibra, see the Workflow description section.


  1. Select your app.
  2. For the process model click Modify Properties.

    The Modify model details dialog box appears.

  3. Change the properties.
  4. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box.