Deploy a workflow

You deploy a workflow when you upload the workflow definition or exported Workflow Designer app to Collibra Data Intelligence Platform.

You can upload a workflow in *.bpmn, *.bpmn20.xml and zip format.

Starting with Collibra Data Intelligence Platform version 2023.05, you can also deploy workflow apps directly from the Workflow Designer to the connected environment.


You have a global role with the Workflow Administration or the System administration global permission, for example Sysadmin.


  1. Select your app in Workflow Designer.
  2. From the App editor, click the Deploy button.
  3. In the Ready to Deploy dialog box, check the target environment.
  4. Click Deploy App to confirm and upload the workflow to the target environment.

The target environment is the Collibra environment you used to access the Workflow Designer.

  1. On the main toolbar, click Products icon, and then click Cogwheel icon Settings.
    The Collibra settings page opens.
  2. Click WorkflowsDefinitions.
  3. Click Upload a file and select the workflow definition you want to deploy or drag and drop your workflow in the upload section.

    A progress bar displays the upload progress. In case the update fails, you see an error message.

Uploading a workflow with the same process ID as an existing workflow in Collibra replaces the existing workflow.

Collibra does not accept two workflows with the same display name.

What's next

After a successful workflow deployment, edit the workflow definition settings in Collibra.