Names and unique names in workflows

In Collibra Data Governance Center version 5.4 or newer, including Collibra Data Intelligence Platform, there is a significant API change impacting asset names. Starting with this version, assets have names and unique full names, respectively referred to as displayName and name in the API . In older versions, you only had name to refer to the asset name.

Action via API Behavior
Add asset

When you add an asset via an API call, you must enter a name and you can specify a different displayName:

  • name: This is the mandatory unique full name of the asset and is represented by Full name in the UI.
  • displayName: This value is optional and corresponds to the asset Name in the UI.

If you don't specify a displayName ,it automatically defaults to the value of name.

Update asset

You can use name to update the asset Full name and displayName, to update the asset Name.

During an update operation, the displayName does not change if you only update the name.


The following example shows how you can change the asset name in Collibra Data Governance Center 5.3 or older and 5.4 or newer, both using the Java API v2.

  • API v1 is deprecated.
  • After an upgrade to 5.4 or newer, verify that workflows that affect asset names use the new API.

5.3 or older

5.4 or newer

	.id(UUID assetUUID)
	.name(String newAssetName)
	.id(UUID assetUUID)
	.name(String newAssetFullName)
	.displayName(String newAssetDisplayName)