Upserting assets by name

Upserting assets by name enables you to either create or update assets by using the name of an asset and a domain. You can use this type of upsert if the assets do not have an external ID.

You need the following attributes to enable creating assets in Collibra Data Governance Center:

  • The name or ID of the domain where the asset has to be upserted.
  • Optionally, if you only provide the domain name, the name or ID of the community in which the specified domain is located.

If there is no asset in Collibra DGC that corresponds to the asset name, the asset is created.

If there is no domain in Collibra DGC that corresponds to the domain name, the domain is created provided that the following attributes are specified:

  • domain type ID and/or domain type name
  • domain name
  • community ID and/or community name

If Collibra DGC has no community that corresponds to the upserted community name, the community is created if the community name is provisioned in the upsert operation. If the community name is not provisioned, the upsert operation fails.

If an asset name has changed, either in Collibra DGC or in the external system, the asset is not going to be updated but a new asset will be created instead.