Working with the Import API v2

The import functionality allows you to create or edit data in bulk in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

By importing, you can create and edit communities, domains, assets, mappings, or complex relations and their characteristics such as attributes, relations, responsibilities, and tags.

All Import API operations require authentication. For instructions, see the Collibra REST API authentication tutorial.

Import REST API endpoints and parameters

You can import communities, domains, assets, mappings and complex relations using the following endpoints:

  • /import/json-job
  • /import/csv-job
  • /import/excel-job

Mandatory parameters

You must provide the following parameters:

Parameter Parameter type Description

String (UUID)

The universally unique identifier (UUID) of a file previously uploaded to Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.

String (binary)

The JSON, CSV or Excel file. During the import, CSV and Excel files are converted to JSON.


The JSON template interprets the tabular data for CSV and Excel files.

You cannot provide both fileId and file in the same call because the operation will fail. Use only one of the two options.

Optional import parameters

The following table summarizes additional Import API v2 POST parameters:

Parameter Parameter type Description
batchSize Integer

The number of import commands handled in a batch, between 1 and 50000.

The default value is :10000.

continueOnError Boolean

Whether the import should continue if some of the import commands are invalid or failed to execute.

If true, the valid commands are still committed to the database, which can lead to partial results being stored.

The default value is false.

Enabling both continueOnError and simulation in the same request is not supported.

deleteFile Boolean

Whether to delete the import file after a successful import. Regardless of this setting, the file is kept in case of a failed import.

The default value is false.

fileName String

The name the file will receive once uploaded to Collibra.

The default value is import_file.

sendNotification Boolean

Whether notifications about the import job should be sent.

The default value is false.

simulation Boolean

Whether to test the import before applying any changes to Collibra. When true, the Import API performs a simulation of the import or synchronization and produces a summary of the result.

The default value is false.

Enabling both continueOnError and simulation in the same request is not supported.

synchronizationId String (UUID) The synchronization ID of the operation.

To avoid possible performance issues:

  • Disable indexing and hyperlinking calculations before starting import or synchronization operations that handle large volumes of data.
  • Restrict import jobs to a maximum of 50 000 resources (communities, domains, assets, complex relations or mappings) and 500 000 additional characteristics (attributes, relations or tags).

Additional resources

  • Read the Getting Started with the Import API tutorial.
  • Consult the Collibra REST Import API documentation provided with your version of Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud at https://<your_collibra_url>/docs/rest-importer/index.html.