Idempotence validation prevents you from modifying the property of a resource when you used the same property to identify that resource.

For example, you are not allowed to change the name of an asset if you identify that asset by name.

Example of an operation that is not allowed

​  "resourceType": "Asset",
​  "identifier": {
​    "name": "Customer",
​    "domain": {
​      "name": "Finance Glossary",
​    "community": {
​      "name": "Finance"
​      }
​  },
​  "name": "New Customer"

The idempotence validation was introduced in Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud version 5.7.

Complex relation idempotence validation

A complex relation that is not identified by ID, is uniquely identified by the sum of its legs (relations) that have a cardinality of 1. Those legs must be in the identifier section of the import operation. The same legs must not be present in other sections of the import operation.