The option to continue on error

The option to continue on error allows you to execute the import even if one or more commands fail. You can turn on or off this option via the continueOnError parameter in your API call.

With the option disabled, the import job runs as one single transaction. If one of the import commands fails, the job is stopped and all previous commands already executed are rolled back. In this case, you must address the failed command before retrying the import. If another command fails, you must repeat the process until all commands are successful. This is the default behavior.

With the option enabled, the import job skips commands that have validation errors and that failed to execute. The import continues until it has processed all commands or until it reaches a predetermined number of failed commands. The maximum value of this threshold is initially 100 but you can change the Number of failed commands before stopping import job import configuration setting in Collibra Console. The continueOnError option allows you to have an overview of the processed commands that had errors. You can see the details of the commands by listing import errors.

When your command contains multiple items, if one item fails the entire command is skipped. For example, if there are multiple relations in one command and one relation is invalid, none of the relations in that command are created.

Already executed commands will stay committed but because failed commands are skipped, you can have partial results being stored in Collibra or inconsistencies in data between Collibra and the external system.

Enabling both continueOnError and simulation in the same request is not supported.