Batch synchronization

For synchronizing less than 50 000 resources, you can use /import/synchronize/<synchronization_id>/<file_format>-job to complete the entire synchronization process in one call.

This call performs both the import and finalization steps in a single job. Resources that no longer exist in the external system are removed from Collibra.

To synchronize large amounts of data:

  1. Divide the input into multiple files which do not exceed the 50 000 resources recommended limit.
  2. Start the synchronization process for each batch by calling /import/synchronize/<synchronization_id>/batch/<file_format>-job.
  3. Finalize the synchronization by calling /import/synchronize/<synchronization_id>/finalize/job.

    The optional finalizationStrategy parameter determines the behavior regarding resources that no longer exist in the external system. You can set the parameter to REMOVE_RESOURCES to delete externally missing resources, to CHANGE_STATUS to update their status in Collibra or to IGNORE to leave them as they are. The default behavior of the Import API is to delete externally missing resources.

    When you select CHANGE_STATUS, you must also specify the status to use with the missingAssetStatusId.

Provide the same synchronization ID throughout the batch synchronization process.