Page the results

The Output Module also supports paging the results for the root node of the query. You can specify an offset and a length parameter to limit the results to a subset of the complete list.

JSON key Default value Description
displayStart 0 The offset in the list of results. This offset is a zero-based index value.
displayLength -1 The maximum total number of results to return. A negative value means unlimited.
maxCountLimit -1

The maximum count value.  A count of all records can lead to performance problems. When paging, you can limit the max count to this value. Passing 0 means no count is done.

  "ViewConfig": {
    "displayStart": 10,
    "displayLength": 5,
    "maxCountLimit": 10000,
    "Resources": {
      "Community": {
        "Id": { "name": "communityId" },
        "Name": { "name": "communityName" },
        "Description": { "name": "communityDescription" },
        "Order": [ { "Field": { "name": "communityName", "order": "ASC" } } ]
  displayStart: 10
  displayLength: 5
  maxCountLimit: 10000
        name: "communityId"
        name: "communityName"
        name: "communityDescription"
          name: "communityName"
          order: "ASC"

The example query above selects page 3 of all communities, with five results per page.

  • Paged results should always be sorted, otherwise the results might seem inconsistent from page to page.
  • The paged results list is recalculated upon each request.
  • All entities that have been added or removed will appear/disappear from the list, modifying the indexes of the elements in the results list.
  • The Collibra Console allows limiting the number of results returned by queries. The values range from 10 000 to 100 000. If enabled, and the limit is set, then:
    • The default displayLength value (-1) is overwritten by the limit set through the console.
    • If the displayLength set  in the ViewConfig/TableViewConfig is larger than the limit value set in the Collibra Console, an exception is thrown.