Before you begin using the query language used in the Output Module, you must understand the Collibra API model and how to execute REST calls. This guide shows examples that query the REST API but does not explain how to execute REST calls. Refer to external online resources for tutorials and instructional resources.


The Collibra API model was based on the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR) standard. Over time, the user interface adopted a simpler terminology set that aligns with Collibra concepts. Since version 2021.09 (5.7.10 for on-premisses), the Output Module API uses the same terminology as the user interface while the legacy one is deprecated.

The following table lists the renamed terminology:

Deprecated Current
Term Asset
ConceptType AssetType
ConceptTypeSpecializedConcepts ChildAssetTypes
Vocabulary Domain
VocabularyType DomainType
VocabularyTypeSpecializedConcepts ChildDomainTypes
Source SourceAsset
Target TargetAsset
BinaryFactType RelationType
HeadTerm SourceAssetType
TailTerm TargetAssetType
Member Responsibility

Use only the new terminology.