Cancel in bulk workflow instances that are not compatible with the next generation platform

Collibra's next generation platform is not compatible with the legacy workflow engine and APIs that are currently deprecated.

The Collibra Command Line Interface allows you to cancel running workflow instances that are not compatible with the new platform.

workflow-instance-cancel -csv <path_to_csv_file>

Canceling a running workflow instance is irreversible and you should use this function only if it is impossible to complete the remaining open tasks.


Run workflow-instance-analyze to generate a CSV report with the incompatible instances.

You can modify the CSV file to remove instances you don't want to cancel.






Cancel workflow instances identified by IDs

-csv string

The path to the CSV file containing the instances to cancel. By default $home/.collibra-cli/workflow-instance-report/csv/workflow_instances_to_stop.csv.

The list of all the workflow instance universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) and their status.

A summary of the canceled workflow instances.