Create, update and get data from the Collibra Platform using your own interfaces

A RESTful Experience

The Collibra REST APIs allow you to control your Collibra applications from your own interfaces. No matter those being graphical or scripts, it means you can integrate the Collibra services in your environment.

Use Cases

The primary goal of the REST APIs is to integrate your Collibra Data Governance Center, Catalog and Console in your technological system. Made to be used from an outside interface, and as it follows the REST standard, you will be able to use it with your favorite language.

To give an example, the REST API is the communication channel for the Collibra On-the-Go applications (iOS, macOS, Windows, Tableau).

Tutorial Highlights

Getting Started with the REST API

Learn the basics of the REST standard, the different REST applications Collibra provides, where to find the general documentation and how to use it.

Collibra REST API authentication

Install Postman, an API Development Environment, and learn how to log in and out of Collibra Data Governance Center as well as how to verify if your current session is authenticated.

Create data with Collibra REST API

Create a community, a domain, some assets and definitions in Collibra Data Governance Center using the Collibra REST API.

Create your own Collibra REST API client

Use the OpenApi Generator to generate a Python REST API client for the Collibra Core REST API.


Core API (Version 2)

The core API is the main entry point to interact with your Collibra Data Governance Center environment. Create, update or delete all resources such as users, assets, domains or trigger workflows.

Import API (Version 2)

The Import API is an efficient way to load large volumes of data into the Collibra Data Governance Center. The API can automatically differentiate between creating and updating data.

Catalog API (Version 1)

The Catalog API offers functionality related to the catalog product. It is mainly focused on facilitating the ingestion of information into Catalog. The API enables users to more easily connect Catalog to sources that are not necessarily natively supported in the product.

Search API (Version 2)

The Search API allows you to create your own integration with Collibra Search Engine. Find your data!

Console API (Version 1)

The Console REST API allows you to manage your backups, configuration, and environment. Create your own UI or script and get the most of your Collibra Console!

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