Create, update and get data from the Collibra Platform using your own interfaces


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Getting started

Learn the basics of the REST standard, the different REST applications Collibra provides.


Step-by-step instructions with all the steps you need to get your work done.

API references

See the documentation of the Collibra REST APIs.

Import API

Learn about the basic building blocks of the Collibra REST Import API.

The Collibra REST APIs allow you to control your Collibra applications from your own interfaces. No matter those being graphical or scripts, it means you can integrate the Collibra services in your environment.

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Use cases

The primary goal of the REST APIs is to integrate your Collibra Data Governance Center, Catalog and Console in your technological system. Made to be used from an outside interface, and as it follows the REST standard, you will be able to use it with your favorite language.

For example, the REST API is the communication channel for the Collibra On-the-Go applications (iOS, macOS, Windows, Tableau).

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Output Module 5.7

The Output Module is a lightweight graph query engine exposed through the public API. It allows different output formats, such as JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV. It also provides a single API to query most of the Collibra entities, such as assets, communities, domains and types, using SQL-like filtering capabilities. You can sort entities using any of the available properties and page results and view permissions for authenticated users who issue REST calls.

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Tutorial highlights

REST API authentication with JSON Web Token

Check the prerequisites for JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication with Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, obtain the access token and test the authentication.

Getting started with the Search API

Perform your first query with the Collibra REST Search API, use wildcards to expand your search and filters to refine it.

Getting started with the Import API

Learn about the basic building blocks of the Collibra REST Import API: the JSON file format, the identifiers and the import commands.

Getting started with the REST API

Learn the basics of the REST standard, the different REST applications Collibra provides, where to find the general documentation and how to use it.

Collibra REST API authentication

Install Postman, an API Development Environment, and learn how to log in and out of Collibra Data Governance Center as well as how to verify if your current session is authenticated.

Create data with Collibra REST API

Create a community, a domain, some assets and definitions in Collibra Data Governance Center using the Collibra REST API.


Core API (Version 2)

The core API is the main entry point to interact with your Collibra Data Governance Center environment. Create, update or delete all resources such as users, assets, domains or trigger workflows.

Import API (Version 2)

The Import API is an efficient way to load large volumes of data into the Collibra Data Governance Center. The API can automatically differentiate between creating and updating data.

Search API (Version 2)

The Search API allows you to create your own integration with Collibra Search Engine. Find your data!

Catalog API (Version 1)

The Catalog API offers functionality related to the catalog product. It is mainly focused on facilitating the ingestion of information into Catalog. The API enables users to more easily connect Catalog to sources that are not necessarily natively supported in the product.

Catalog Data Classification API (Version 1)

The Catalog Data Classification API allows classifying datasets, databases, schemas, tables or columns based on sample data. Additionally, the API facilitates searching and managing the data classification labels available in the product.

Catalog Database Registration API (Version 1)

This API allows you to manage the metadata ingestion, profiling, and classification of databases via Edge.

REST Catalog Sampling API (Version 1)

This API allows you to use sample data. Via the API, you can request samples from an Edge data source and temporarily add them in the Edge cache, and you can read the samples available in the DIC Cloud repository or the Edge cache.

REST Catalog Cloud Ingestions API (Version 1)

This API allows you to handle synchronizations with external cloud systems.

REST Catalog External Profiling Upload API (Version 1)

This API allows you to manually push profiling data.

Collibra Protect API (Version 1)

This API allows you to manage groups for the purpose of creating data access rules.

Management Console (Version 1)

The Console REST API allows you to manage your backups, configuration, and environment. Create your own UI or script and get the most of your Collibra Console!