Add extra information to your workflows

Use annotations to add extra information to your workflows, such as:

  • The reason a task has been assigned to a user.
  • Where the task comes from and where it goes next.
  • What tasks are doing and what is needed to complete them.
  • The user role in the process.
  • The purpose of the swim lanes.

The annotations are part of the workflow diagram, which is available in every user task and to users with access to the workflow definitions section in the Collibra Platform.

Workflow annotations in Collibra Platform

To add annotations, edit the workflow diagram in Eclipse:

  1. Open your Flowable project and go to srcmainresourcesdiagrams.
  2. From the Arifacts section of the Palette, drag an Annotation to any part of the canvas.

    Artifacts section of the palette in Eclipse Flowable Designer

  3. Select the annotation.
  4. In the Properties view, select the Main config section.
  5. Add the extra information in the Text area.

    Annotation text area in Eclipse Flowable Designer

To visually connect an annotation to a diagram element:

Option 1 Option 2
  1. In the Connection section of the Palette, select Association.

    The pointer changes shape when you hover it over the canvas.

  2. Click the annotation.
  3. Click the diagram element.

Hover your pointer over the annotation, and then drag the Connection icon over the diagram element.

Creating a connection between an annotation and a workflow element in Eclipse Flowable Designer