Upload a workflow from your development environment

With Collibra CLI, you can upload your workflows from your development tools to Collibra Data Governance Center.

Example   workflow-upload --name MyProcess.bpmn

The examples in this section work if the projects containing the workflow have been generated by Collibra CLI.

From Collibra CLI

After a workflow-create command, the Collibra CLI switches to the newly created project. This is indicated by the project name between square brackets next to the collibra:> prompt.

While inside the project, execute workflow-upload.

Collibra CLI uploads the generated BPMN file to the configured environment.

Note   If your project contains multiple BPMNs, specify which workflow to upload with the --name parameter.

Note   Currently, there is no way to switch back to a project once you exit Collibra CLI.

From Eclipse

The Eclipse imported projects are Gradle projects.

See Create a workflow project to learn how to import a project in Eclipse.

You can trigger Gradle tasks from the Eclipse Gradle tab:

Note   Your layout may differ from the example.

In the collibra sdk deployment folder, double click workflowUpload.

The Gradle Executions tab appears and lists the executed operations:

Note   The integrated task only works if you have one BPMN file in your project. If you have multiple files, use the Gradle task through the terminal.

From a terminal

You can use every task of the generated Gradle project in a terminal application:

  1. In the terminal, navigate to the root of your project.
  2. Execute the workflowUpload command:
    • On macOS and Linux: ./gradlew workflowUpload.
    • On Windows: gradlew workflowUpload.

If you only have one BPMN file in your project, that file will be uploaded by default. If you have multiple files, you must specify the name of the file:

  • On macOS or Linux: ./gradlew workflowUpload --name MyProcess.bpmn.
  • On Windows: gradlew workflowUpload --name MyProcess.bpmn.

Change the target environment

To change the target environment, modify gradle.properties and set your base URL and credentials there.

  • collibraUrl: the base URL to your Collibra environment
  • collibraUsername: your Collibra username
  • collibraPassword: your Collibra password

Warning   Your credentials are saved in plain text.