Check workflows Groovy scripts for API v2 compatibility

The Collibra Command Line Interface allows you to scan your Groovy scripts and detect API V2 and Groovy3 incompatibilities.

Example   groovy-analyze

The tool scans by default the groovy-lib folder of the environment configured via collibra-set. Optionally, you can provide the path to a local file or directory to be analyzed.

The output is an HTML report with a diagnostic for each scanned script.






Analyze groovy scripts.
  • --path or -p

    The path to the file or directory to be analyzed.

  • --outputDirectory or -o

    The output directory of the generated report. By default $HOME/.collibra-cli

  • --groovySyntaxErrorsOnly or -g

    Recognize only syntax errors in Groovy scripts.

  • The number of groovy scripts analyzed.
  • A link to the generated report.