Integrate your data ecosystem by connecting Collibra with the data services your organization relies on most

Connect your Data and Beyond

Create seamless integrations between Collibra and any other system in your data landscape. From data warehouse to ERPs to analytics solutions, we provide you with ways to move data and metadata in and out of Collibra so that you can enable Data Intelligence across the enterprise.

With our native integrations, you can register data sources and external systems to ingest metadata into the Collibra data catalog. And for bidirectional data flow, you can build integrations using our APIs.

Native Integrations

Collibra Marketplace

To register data sources in Collibra Data Catalog and ingest metadata, we recommend you use the JDBC drivers provided on Collibra Marketplace. We continuously test and certify current drivers as well as add new ones.

With our JDBC drivers, you can ingest metadata faster and easier than before. Download the drivers on Collibra Marketplace, where you can also find documentation on how to use the driver and configure the connection.

You can also register external systems such as Tableau and Amazon S3 without a driver. Read the documentation to learn how to do that.

We provide APIs with which customers and partners can build integrations with Collibra.

Consult the Rest and Java API references.

Collibra Connect resources

We have made the decision to transition away from Collibra Connect so that we can better serve you and ensure you can use future product functionality without re-instrumenting or rebuilding integrations.

Current customers who are using Collibra Connect can still access Connect resources below. For all other customers, we encourage the use of our native integrations and APIs for your integration needs.

Collibra Connect resources

Getting started

Learn about the Collibra Connect prerequisites and install MuleSoft Anypoint Studio and the Collibra Connector.

Connect documentation

Collibra Connect offers you a way to integrate your own application with Collibra Data Governance Center to enable active data governance.

Collibra Connect Hub

Connect Hub provides an API which facilitates connecting integrations to Collibra DGC.

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